Flavours from around the world

Our range of international recipes to satisfy every palate.
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chinese cuisine integrates the traditions of the country’s various regions as well as that of its people who have travelled across the world, taking their recipes, techniques and flavours with them. For many, these dishes were their introduction to international food, excellent served with rice or noodles and characterised by unique seasonings.

Our catalogue includes wok-style dishes to suit all tastes plus well-known recipes, such as chop suey and sweet and sour pork.

What we do?

We offer an extensive catalogue of 5th Range solutions for catering services, particularly for hotels and restaurants in the tourism sector.

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Traditional flavours

Our traditional range includes the more classic and well-known recipes that are an essential part of our cuisine.

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A wide variety of cold, vegetable-based recipes that work as a starter or accompaniment on any menu.

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What is the 5th Range?

The simplest and surest solution for catering services thanks to a production process that remains based on home cooking but incorporates the newest technologies in the culinary field.

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