With extensive experience in the tourism sector and in traditional hospitality, Quickchef decided to develop an innovative range based on the most advanced preparation systems in the 5th Range. Our modern 2,200 m2 facilities, an active R&D effort, continued investment in technology and, in particular, a great team of people, enable us, with over one hundred quality products, to offer the best solutions for today’s catering industry and adapt to the ever more demanding and specific needs of our clients.

We specialise in providing catering solutions for the tourist industry, with extensive knowledge of the specific requirements of this type of establishment and relative clientele tastes. To that end, we have an extensive catalogue that includes a wide range of flavours from around the world, international recipes that tourists know well and request as an essential part of ensuring the best experience possible during their stay. The catalogue is completed by hundreds of popular, traditional mainstays that include salads, meat and fish, not forgetting options that cater for vegetarians.

Flavours from around the world

Our range of international recipes to satisfy every palate.

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Traditional flavours

Our traditional range includes the more classic and well-known recipes that are an essential part of our cuisine.

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A wide variety of cold, vegetable-based recipes that work as a starter or accompaniment on any menu.

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What is the 5th Range?

The simplest and surest solution for catering services thanks to a production process that remains based on home cooking but incorporates the newest technologies in the culinary field.

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