We work with the best suppliers so that our product base consists of prime, carefully selected ingredients, with the ever-present objective of optimising the result and flavour of the final product.


We always work alongside our clients, helping them to plan towards optimising their specific needs, services and menu cycles and attain the best results when regenerating and serving the final product.


We undertake exhaustive controls of our production process through our quality control department, with access to an in-house laboratory in addition to guidance from external audits.

Flavours from around the world

Our range of international recipes to satisfy every palate.

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What is the 5th Range?

The simplest and surest solution for catering services thanks to a production process that remains based on home cooking but incorporates the newest technologies in the culinary field.

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Quickchef is eco-friendy

Discover our commitment to sustainability

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Polígon AgroReus
Ignasi Iglésias, 45-49
43206 Reus (Tarragona)

t: 977 326 022
f: 977 326 001